Daily Digest: Top 30 News Headlines from Around the World

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Daily Digest: Top 30 News Headlines from Around the World

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1. Modi gave a message of peace to the world

The ‘Parliament-20’ Summit i.e. P-20 is being held in India. While inaugurating the programme, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the leaders of P-20 countries. While addressing the P-20 summit, Prime Minister Modi also spoke about the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. He said, “Nobody knows what is happening in every corner of the world.” We have to see the world as one family. The world is going through a crisis due to conflict. Struggle is in no one’s favour. It is a time of peace. The Prime Minister said that everyone should come together. A war has been going on between Israel and Hamas for weeks. Thousands of people have lost their lives in this war so far.

2.Possibility of depression in decades

It will be unbearable for weeks to come. Cyclones may form on the 19th or 20th. Cyclones are likely to form in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. As a result of this, the severity of heat will decrease. At the time of Dashar Puja, there is less risk of rain. According to the information received, the state is experiencing unbearable heat. The temperature in many cities is above 35 degrees. Weather experts said, “Such a storm in October is a strange thing.” On the other hand, the state is getting hot instead of cold due to the delay of north-easterly winds, he said. He expressed hope that this kind of rain will continue and the weather may change towards Durga Puja.

3. Changed the design of Ayodhya Masjid

The design of the proposed Masjid-e-Ayodhya on the 5-acre land given by the Supreme Court in its judgement has been changed. The design was finalised at a meeting held in Mumbai on Thursday. The mosque will now be bigger than the previous design, which will be built on more land. For this, a campaign will be conducted across the country. The earlier design was typical of mosques built in India. However, the Masjid Trust has changed the design to make it look like a mosque built in the Middle East.

4. UN responds to Israeli warning to vacate North Gaza, says ‘impossible’, withdraw order

Israel is vigorously raising the Hamas attack at the international level. Israel has been carrying out airstrikes on Gaza since Saturday’s attack by Hamas. With this, Israel has asked the Palestinian Authority to evacuate Palestinians living in northern Gaza within 24 hours. However, the spokesperson of the caste union said that more than 10 lakh people are living in this area. This is almost half of the population of Gaza, so the ethnic group called on Israel to withdraw the order.

5. Good news for green card holders

The US government has given good news to non-immigrants waiting for a green card in the US. The US government has announced that it will issue employment authorisation cards for five years to certain categories of non-immigrants waiting for green cards. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said it is extending the maximum validity period of employment authorisation documents for initial and renewal (EAD) applications for certain non-citizens to five years.

6. Operation Ajay: We don’t ask for help for our citizens but give it, says Anurag Thakur

Many Indians are trapped there due to the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel. To save them, the central government has launched ‘Operation Ajay’. Union Minister Anurag Thakur’s statement regarding this operation has come to light. He said, finally on Friday, the central government has shifted the countrymen from there. For the past nine years, in similar conflict zones, governments have not relied on other countries for such missions for their citizens, but have reached out to help themselves. He also said that 212 Indian citizens were taken back from Israel on Friday morning.

7. This time the sand procession will last for 8 days; There will be 1400 stalls and more than 2 thousand traders

The historic Bali Yatra of Cuttack will begin from November 27. Bali yatra will start from 27th till 4th of December. This time, the district administration has decided to run the Bali Yatra for a total of 8 days. The world-famous Bali Yatra fair will be held for eight days on Mahanadi Patha. Which will include 1400 stalls and more than 2 thousand traders. Doli Meena Bazar Sangku is going to be the main attraction of the national level Pallishree Mela trip. However, a laser light show has been organised for the first time in this year’s Bali Yatra.

8. No one can forget 1984 riots, victims got justice after Modi government came: Shah

Union Minister of State Amit Shah said, No one will ever forget the 1984 riots. The victims of the anti-Sikh riots started getting justice only after the Modi government came to power. He said that 300 cases related to the riots have been reopened and compensation of five lakh rupees has been given to each victim’s family. Amit Shah said this while addressing the crowd at a function of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Prabhan Samithi on Friday. The Minister of State said that no one can forget the riots of 1984. No one has been punished until the Modi government came to power.

9. The cause of the accident was a crack in the railway line

23 coaches of North East Express derailed in Bihar’s Buxar district on Wednesday night. In this accident, 4 passengers died and many were injured. A crack in the railway line is said to be the probable cause of the accident. An official said this based on the preliminary investigation report. The cause of the accident was investigated by the Railways. Six officers have signed the said report. According to the report, the damage due to the accident was Rs 52 crore. Driver Bipin Kumar Sinha sustained minor injuries in the accident while his partner sustained serious injuries.

10. Alerts continue in the country for the safety of Israeli citizens

India has issued a nationwide alert for the safety of Israeli citizens, including diplomats, staff and tourists, in view of the ongoing war between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The alert has been shared with all relevant security agencies and the police. It has been asked to strengthen the security of some listed places. Security forces are also deployed in areas where there is high movement of Israeli citizens. The alert is due to the Jewish festival in October. Keeping these in view, there is a need to provide security, India said.

11. Britain provided spy planes, ships to Israel

The war between Israel and Hamas continues in Gaza for the seventh day. After the US sent weapons and warships including fighter jets to the Mediterranean in support of Israel, Britain has now supplied weapons to friendly nation Israel. British Prime Minister Russia Sunak sent a spy plane, two warships, three Merlin helicopters and a company of 100 Royal Marine commandos to help Israel. However, it is assumed that the war is going to become more fierce in the coming days. A Royal Navy task group has also been sent to assist Israel. The UK has said that its aim will be to control the border. And it will help prevent protests and attacks.

12. Israel hit more than 6 thousand rockets in Gaza, 1500 Hamas terrorists were killed

Hamas, dressed as a ghoul, continues to kill Israeli hostages one by one. More than 3,200 Israelis, including military personnel and civilians, have been injured in the ongoing war with Hamas, while more than 13,000 have been killed. However, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported on Friday that 1,500 Hamas terrorists have been killed by rockets in the Gaza Strip. 2687 Hamas camps were destroyed.

13. Israel released 250 people from Hamas terrorists

Since the attacks by Hamas terrorists, Israel has been continuously targeting Hamas positions in Gaza. Israel’s prime minister has claimed that he will selectively eliminate Hamas terrorists. Meanwhile, Israel Defense Forces have entered a Hamas camp in Gaza and safely rescued 250 people held captive by them. A video of it has also gone viral.

14. Recognition of religious and cultural significance of Diwali in America

US Congressman Raja Krishnamurthy on Thursday announced plans to introduce a Daylight Resolution in the US House of Representatives to recognize Diwali as the Festival of Lights. “For Sikhs, Jains and Hindus alike, Diwali is a festival of gratitude and a celebration of the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil,” Krishnamurti said in a statement.

15. 3.5 million Israeli soldiers are ready to enter Gaza

So far 2700 people have lost their lives in the Israel-Hamas war. Of these, 102 people died in Israel and more than 150 in the Gaza Strip. After the air strike on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army is now preparing for the war on the ground. The Israeli army is ready to attack and about 3.5 million soldiers have reached the border. The Israeli army is now awaiting instructions from its government. Of course, there are many big challenges ahead of the Israeli army, if not taken care of in time, the Israeli army may have to pay a heavy price.

16. Man-made disaster in Gaza cannot be prevented, Israel warned after power-water-fuel cutoff

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned Israel. Health services are in jeopardy in the Gaza Strip as electricity, water, fuel and food supplies are cut off. The health system in Gaza has collapsed, Hu said in a statement. A humanitarian disaster cannot be averted if fuel and life-saving health care and humanitarian supplies are not immediately delivered to the Gaza Strip amid a total blockade. About 2.2 million Palestinians live in the homes of Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. However, in the 7-day war on Friday, Hamas terrorists not only killed Israeli civilians but also took their soldiers hostage. In response, the Israel Defence Forces launched an offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

17. Mobile app providing information on rocket attack, Indian student shares experience after returning from Israel

The first batch of Indians stranded in Israel has reached New Delhi by special flight. In the first batch, a total of 212 people, including women, elderly and children, have reached India. Indian students shared their experiences and how a mobile app saved their lives during a rocket attack. They said, whenever the siren sounds, we become alert. Then the mobile app shows how many kilometres away from our location the bomb has hit and where the bomb is going to hit. Similarly, an Indian student said, there are many types of mobile apps that provide information on missile strikes. One app in it is called ‘Kumta’. This app alerts us when a missile is about to fall. Operation Ajay was launched to bring back the Indians from there.

18. Extension of Sanjay Singh’s judicial custody till October 27

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh has been sent to judicial custody till October 27 in a money laundering case related to the Delhi liquor scam. During the custody hearing, a separate application has been made for medication for Sanjay Singh as he is a diabetic.

19. Salute to Chandrababu Naidu

The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Friday granted bail to former Chief Minister and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu. He has been granted bail in the Angalu 307 case. Notably, the High Court has ordered the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) supremo to provide a personal bond of Rs 1 lakh in the Angalu violence case. The court concluded the hearing of the case and reserved its order.

20. Strange crisis in Britain, criminals are released from prison

There is a strange crisis in Britain. The number of prisoners in prisons is increasing here. Due to which the court is delaying their verdict. Courts here will have to adjourn hearings for next week due to overcrowding in jails, according to a report. All have been released on bail. Early release of old prisoners is also being considered to bring more inmates to the jail. Sentencing hearings have been adjourned to the Criminal Courts of England and Wales. The court’s senior judge, Lord Justice Addis, ordered the sentencing of the convicted criminals to be adjourned until Monday, while all are on bail.

21. Israel condemns Trump

Israel has condemned former US President Donald Trump’s comments praising the Iran-backed militant group Hizbul and criticising Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel called it shameful and unbelievable. Israel’s Communications Minister Shlomo told a local media channel, “It is a shame that a former president of the United States spreads propaganda and preaches things that hurt the spirit of Israel’s fighters and its citizens.”

22. In 2023, the rate of female labour force has increased by 37 percent in the country

The female labour force participation rate has increased in the country. In 2023, female labour force participation increased by 4.2 percent to 37 percent. Friday issued by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. According to the data, the female labour force participation rate increased from 23.3 percent in 2017-18 to 24.5 percent in 2018-19. Similarly, from 30 percent in 2019-20 to 32.5 percent in 2020-21 and from 32.8 percent in 2021-22 to 37 percent in 2022-23. According to the ministry, the survey in 2022-23 shows that the participation rate of women in the labor force has increased in the country.

23. Jio’s attractive plan: Extra 2GB high-speed data per day for a year

Jio has now launched a plan which no other company has launched so far. Jio has recently launched a data pack for its customers. Notably, this data add-on Jio pack comes with a validity of 365 days. The Jio plan we are talking about is Rs 2878. If you need more internet per day then you can take this plan. Apart from the data you get in the plan, you will get 2 GB data per day in this plan. This means you are going to get 2 GB data extra per day for a whole year.

24.Shudman Gill can play the match against Pakistan

The World Cup match between India and Pakistan will take place on October 14. Before that, good news for Team India. Shudhaman Gill may be included in the team. NY Captain Rohit Sharma informed. Shudhaman is 99 percent fit to play against Pakistan, said Rohit Sharma. Rohit gave this information in the press conference before the match.

25. Cricket will be included in the Olympics

Cricket will be included in the Olympics to be held in Los Angeles in 2028. In this regard, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has accepted the proposal made by the Los Angeles Organising Committee. After the meeting of the Executive Council of the IOC held in Mumbai, the President of the IOC Thomas Bach said that the proposal related to cricket in the 2028 Olympics has been approved.

26. History maker Neeraj Chopra nominated for ‘World Athlete of the Year’

This year has been auspicious for India’s star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra. After winning gold medals at the World Athletics Championships and the Asian Games, he is now gearing up for another feat. Neeraj Chopra has been nominated for the ‘World Athlete of the Year’ Award 2023. 11 players worldwide have been nominated.

27. Indian fast bowler Mohammed Sami became Puma’s brand ambassador

An Indian cricketer is the brand ambassador of Puma India. Indian fast bowler Mohammad Sami will be seen as Puma’s brand ambassador for a year. During this time he will promote various products of the brand. Karthik Balgopalan, Managing Director, Puma India, said, ‘Sami’s addition to the brand will not only inspire more players but also enhance the culture of sports in our country.

28. Shubman Gill is the best cricketer in September

Before the World Cup match between India and Pakistan, Shubman Gill has made the ICC award in his name. He has been selected as the best male cricketer of the month for September. He scored 480 runs at a daily average of 80 in September. Apart from Gill, Mohammed Siraj and David Malan were also in the running for the award, but Gill has finally won. This award will boost his confidence ahead of the India-Pakistan match.

29.Hockey star brought allegations of negligence against Kerala government

Indian hockey star PR Sreejesh has accused the Kerala government of neglecting players and athletes. He said, since he returned from China, no one has come to meet him. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan rejected the demands of the hockey players and said that the Left government is providing all kinds of support and incentives to the players and athletes of the state. Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Sreejesh said, “The treatment that the players are getting now is the next step.” He argued that such behaviour could discourage them and make them opt for studies to get a job instead of sports.

30.Hollywood actor Michael Douglas to receive Satyajit Roy Excellence Award, Anurag Thakur announced on Twitter

Hollywood actor and producer Michael Eagles will be honoured on behalf of India in Goa. Michael will be honoured with the ‘Satyajit Roy Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the 54th International Film Festival in Goa. Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur announced this information by tweeting himself.

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