Gmail displays additional ads between email lists

According to recent reports, Gmail users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the increase in ads appearing in between email lists. The ads are reportedly being displayed in both the web and mobile app versions of Gmail, making it harder for users to navigate around them. Previously, ads were positioned at the top of the email list, but now they are being interspersed throughout, causing concern among some users.

Gmail displays additional ads between email lists

Furthermore, the mobile app experience has also been affected, with ads now appearing in the Updates filter inbox, an area that was previously ad-free. Two ads are now displayed at the top of the email list, making it look cluttered and causing inconvenience to users.

It’s important to note that not all users are experiencing this change, as Google sometimes tests features, service changes, and ads with specific groups before fully rolling them out. However, for those affected, the increase in ads could be a major issue.

As always, it’s important for users to monitor changes to the services they use and provide feedback to the companies that provide them. In response to user concerns, Gmail has implemented a new blue checkmark feature to prevent email scams and improve user safety and security.

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