Google tests ad placement in middle of Gmail email lists

Google‘s email service, Gmail, has reportedly initiated a plan to showcase an increased quantity of advertisements, which will be intermixed with the email list, thereby resulting in the generation of concerns among users. The decision of the organisation to incorporate a higher number of ads has faced criticism from users, who are encountering difficulties while manoeuvring through the commercials.

Google tests ad placement in middle of Gmail email lists

There have been reports that Google has commenced the implementation of an augmented number of advertisements on both the web and mobile app editions of Gmail. It should be noted that although ads have always existed, they used to be placed at the summit of the email list, enabling a hassle-free bypassing of them. However, now that ads are interspersed throughout email lists, users are encountering difficulties while navigating around them.

The update has also affected the mobile app version, as ads are now present in the Updates filter inbox, which was previously free from commercials. Moreover, the addition of two ads at the apex of the email list has caused uneasiness among users, as it has rendered the space congested and muddled.

Google tests ad placement in middle of Gmail email lists

It is crucial to mention that not all users are being subjected to this transformation, as Google often executes tests with targeted features, alterations in services, and even its ads that may not be fully incorporated into the public version. Nonetheless, for those who are adversely affected by the surge in ads, it can cause significant inconvenience.

As always, it is imperative for users to keep a close eye on any changes to the services they use and to provide feedback to the companies that offer them. Additionally, Gmail is also taking a proactive stance with the newly introduced blue checkmark feature, which aims to tackle email scams and enhance the security and safety of its users.

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