Montana Legislature Enacts Ban on TikTok Usage

The Montana House of Representatives has recently passed a comprehensive ban on TikTok, which could make the app illegal in the state if signed into law by Montana Governor Greg Gianforte. The bill, which had previously passed in the Montana State Senate, goes beyond previous bans by prohibiting the use of TikTok by individuals statewide, forbidding app stores from selling TikTok in Montana, and imposing penalties on app sellers. Under the bill, app stores could face fines of $10,000 per violation per day if TikTok is downloaded in Montana.

Montana Legislature Enacts Ban on TikTok Usage

In response, TikTok spokesperson Brooke Oberwetter claimed that those pushing for the ban “have no feasible plan for operationalising this attempt to censor American voices,” and suggested that the bill’s constitutionality will likely be decided in court. The ACLU of Montana has also voiced opposition to the bill, signalling that legal challenges may be forthcoming.

With Montana’s population of just over 1 million inhabitants and sparse law enforcement resources, questions remain about how the state would effectively enforce this new cybercrime legislation. Nevertheless, if signed into law, the ban would mark one of the most comprehensive and far-reaching TikTok bans in the U.S. since President Trump’s unsuccessful ban in 2020.

As the situation continues to develop, it remains to be seen how Montana’s TikTok ban will be implemented and enforced, and how it may impact the broader debate around social media regulation and free speech in the digital age.

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