Pokemon Go: Larvesta Hatch Rate from Eggs Less Than 1%

Pokemon Go has garnered an impressive following of enthusiasts hailing from various corners of the world, thus making it an all-inclusive mobile game. Its adorable creatures and the incentive of exploring the great outdoors add to its appeal. Regrettably, similar to all things that bring about enjoyment, Pokemon Go is not without its blemishes. The game’s faulty design choices or immersion-breaking bugs have not gone unnoticed by its players, who are well aware of such issues. Several Pokemon Go fans have united via social media to combine their efforts in determining the precise hatch rate of the newly added Larvesta Pokemon in the game. Alas, according to their research, the chances of hatching a Larvesta are incredibly slim, at less than 1%.

Pokemon Go: Larvesta Hatch Rate from Eggs Less Than 1%

Pokemon Go Players Report Larvesta Hatch Rate Below 1%

Players of Pokemon Go recently banded together to calculate the hatch rate for the new Larvesta Pokemon in the game, and the results are not promising. The findings were posted on Reddit and quickly drew disappointment from fans. The observed hatch rate for Larvesta was less than 1% for eligible eggs from distances of 2km, 5km, and 10km. The researchers who uncovered these low rates said that it took them an average of 246 eggs, representing a distance of 1,136 kilometres, just to hatch one Larvesta. This means that an ordinary player would need to walk about 19,000 kilometres to collect the 400 candies required to evolve Larvesta into Volcarona.

Pokemon Go: Larvesta Hatch Rate from Eggs Less Than 1%

Many fans expressed their frustration in the comments, with one person calling the situation “criminal” and another remarking that the low hatch rate was “hitting on the standard shiny rate.” While some players shared their own luck in hatching Larvesta, the vast majority of comments were negative, with many taking aim at the developers of the game. There were comments like “This company is choking the life out of this game” and “A new low, even for Niantic standards,” which clearly convey the mounting frustrations of the community.

This news comes at a time when Niantic’s management decisions have been under scrutiny. The company’s controversial salary offer and the pricing of the Bundle Box have been criticised by the player base and have contributed to the growing frustration of the community. Hopefully, Niantic will take note of these concerns and take steps to address them.

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