Truecaller Introduces Live Caller ID for iPhone Users

Stockholm-based company Truecaller has introduced a new feature called Live Caller ID for iPhone users in India. The premium service, available through a subscription, allows users to see the identity of an incoming caller on their phone screen. However, unlike on Android phones where the caller’s identity is displayed immediately, iPhone users need to activate Siri and say, “Hey Siri, Search Truecaller” to access the Live Caller ID information.

Truecaller Introduces Live Caller ID for iPhone Users
Image credit : Truecaller

Truecaller offers two subscription tiers in India, namely Premium and Gold Premium. The Premium subscription costs Rs. 529 per year or Rs. 179 for three months, while the Gold Premium plan costs Rs. 5,000 per year. The app has gained popularity among smartphone users for its caller ID service, but it has also faced criticism in the past for alleged data privacy concerns. Last year, a report by the Indian magazine The Caravan claimed that Truecaller obtained data without consent. However, Truecaller has denied these allegations, stating that the research was flawed and based on incorrect information.

The introduction of Live Caller ID for iPhone users in India is expected to provide a convenient way for Truecaller subscribers to identify unknown callers. However, it also highlights the ongoing debate about data privacy and consent in the digital age, and the need for companies to ensure that user data is collected and used in a transparent and ethical manner.

In a statement, Nakul Kabra, Truecaller’s product director for iOS, said that due to Apple’s policy regarding external third-party caller ID apps, the app has encountered restrictions on iOS devices. At the moment, Truecaller can only identify calls from a predetermined list of numbers that are stored in Apple’s CallKit framework and are selected by Truecaller’s spam algorithm. Users will need to manually search for any other numbers that are not locally saved.

Truecaller uses Apple’s Siri Shortcuts and App Intents to enable the anticipated live caller ID experience. By choosing the “Add to Siri” option in the Premium menu, users can enable the “Search Truecaller” shortcut on their iPhones. Users will be prompted for permission to allow Truecaller to search the screenshots taken by the shortcut when they use it for the first time.

Do you dislike getting calls from ominous numbers? With its newest feature, Live Caller ID, which is available only to iOS users, Truecaller has you covered. You can now quickly identify unknown callers using Siri without ever touching your phone!

Here’s how it works: When you receive a call that is not recognized by Truecaller, simply say “Hey Siri, search Truecaller” while your phone is ringing. Within seconds, Truecaller will retrieve information about the caller and display it on the top of your calling screen. No more fumbling through your phone or guessing who the caller might be. Let Siri and Truecaller do the work for you!

This innovative feature is available only for Premium subscribers of Truecaller, and it utilises Siri Shortcuts and App Intents to deliver fast and efficient results. Say goodbye to unknown calls and hello to hassle-free caller identification with Truecaller’s Live Caller ID for iPhone users. Let Siri be your personal caller identifier and enjoy a seamless calling experience like never before!

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